Contact Lenses

Danker Lenses

Ultravision Prosthetic Lenses

Prosthetic lenses are typically used for patients who have a severe injury or condition which sometimes renders the eye sightless and has a poor aesthetic appearance. Examples of such conditions are:

  •  A disfigured or deformed iris
  • A disfigured or deformed pupil
  • Corneal scarring following an injury or disease
  • Aniridia
  • Coloboma

SynergEyes Hybrid Lenses

SynergEyes offers a family of first-generation hybrid contact lenses for irregular corneas. Lenses include – Duette, Duette Multifocal, Duette Progressive, Clearkone, Ultrahealth, Synergeyes KC, Synergeyes PS & Synergeyes A.

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A Breakthrough Soft Lens for Keratoconus, this remarkable new lens offers you and your patients:

  • A higher level of comfort than most GP or hybrid lenses offer.
  • Excellent visual outcomes.
  • A straightforward fitting approach

Zen Scleral Lenses

Alden Optical’s newest specialty lens. Key to the power of Zenlens is the ability to zero in on only the parameter modifications you need to make. When a parameter modification is made, the Zenlens Smart Curve automatically engages to ensure all other design attributes remain consistent.

DMW Inserters

DMV Corporation has an entire line of products that take the frustration out of the handling of your contact lenses.

Biotech Ophthalmic Strips